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Licensed to Live

Jul 22, 2020

This episode goes through my thinking process and details for the upcoming Licensed To Live: The Conference event on July 25, 2020. Learn a little about my fear and trepidation in putting on this conference and how I broke through them. Learn a lot about the speakers and content to get you ready!



If you are a professional struggling to make sense of the recent uncertainties within our nation, frustrated with pay cuts, extended shifts, or lacking the willpower to take on more responsibilities, join us for The Licensed to Live Virtual Conference on Saturday, July 25th, 2020. If you are seeking enlightenment in these dark times, join us for conversations of hope, inspiration, and motivation to ignite your career into the passion you desire. Listen to a full panel of talented, award-winning, and prestigious speakers full of the advice, knowledge, and insight you need to push through these difficult times. Hosted by award-winning author, speaker, and career coach Doctor Jarret Patton, The Licensed to Live Virtual Conference is a virtual kickstart for anyone in need of a reboot or refresh at any stage in their career. 



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