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Licensed to Live

Jul 3, 2021

Where have I been? I know it has been a while since my last podcast episode.  Even with the best intentions sometimes you fall short. That’s OK.  Keep making progress.  IN this episode we talk about literally where have I been (all over the western hemisphere) and where you should be this summer.  We talk in detail...

May 12, 2021

During so many uncertain times, your confidence can be rattled.  In this episode we discuss things that rattle your confidence, how to move on and regain your confidence 3 different ways.  Once you regain your confidence, you can become the best doctor, nurse, or executive and WIN at life and career.



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Apr 8, 2021

This episode is all about redefining your career.  Physicians, Doctors, Nurses and executives often go down a career path that was taught in school.  I didn’t consider another career until I had been a pediatrician for nearly 20 years.  This episode will give you an outline of the steps that I took personally to...

Mar 24, 2021

We take a look at the opportunities and challenges of the COVID pandemic within your life and career. 


In this episode (All Times Approximate)


  1. 4:00 Heavy losses in 2020 for doctors executives and physicians 
  2. 6:30 Things that didn’t work well for me
  3. 9:00 Persistence, courage, and getting help along the way



Mar 10, 2021

In this episode we speak to Emergency Medicine physician and founder of the Humanitarian Physician’s Empowerment Community, Dr. Leah Houston. 


In this episode (All Times Approximate)


  1. 5:00 Physician’s rights and control have been lost slowly but surely
  2. 13:00 a half million dollars raised from physicians; how...