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Licensed to Live

Oct 27, 2021

The vaccine mandates are particularly troubling to many in healthcare.  However vaccine mandates have been around in hospitals for years.  Likely there are other more significant reasons that you may want to quit your job or change your career. If this is your last straw, this episode will help give you your next steps...

Oct 20, 2021

The road traveled throughout our career can take us to amazing places.  Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith changed her path when she decided to start Physician Outlook magazine. From her beginnings as a pediatrician we learn how she built her magazine from the ground up and uses her platform for advocacy today.


In this...

Oct 6, 2021

Becoming a celebrity is not always about being famous.  Doctors, Physicians, and Nurses can add a lot to their career by taking a few lessons by Celebrity Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, and her new book How To Be A Celebrity Doctor. 


In this episode:


Starting Out Making Your Own Way (3:00)

Dissed again (8:00)

How To Be...