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Licensed to Live

Oct 26, 2022

With the economy forcing employers to cut jobs in nearly every industry, I have been hearing more stories about quiet firing.  Many have heard about quiet quitting and have checked out of their jobs.  However you should know if your head is on the chopping block and you are getting quietly fired.


3:00 Quiet Quitting...

Oct 19, 2022

I have been seeing too many Tik Tok docs out there getting in trouble for one thing or another. Some have been sued, others have lost their licenses.  I don’t know where we got off track with social media, but now is a good time to review ways to have fun, build your brand, and stay out of trouble.


3:00 Social Media...

Oct 5, 2022

Forbes reached out to talk about branding tips for those starting off.  I give three tips to help you build your brand while starting a new gig.


3:00 Most brands start small (i.e. Ben & Jerry’s)

10:00 Social media

14:00 Brands up on Brands

18:00  traditional TV radio



Complete Forbes...