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Licensed to Live

Oct 14, 2020

This solo episode I am talking about Licensed To Live: The Conference, my fears, and the three themes from The Conference for physicians, doctors, and executives.  


  1. My fears, trepidations, and breakthrough.
  2. Taking care of yourself
  3. Building Your Voice through books, film, audio, #SoMe
  4. Empower yourself to become...

Sep 23, 2020

This solo episode I am talking about asking for help, any kind of help.  I am looking for you to gain confidence in asking for help whether in your day to day routine or in life. 


  1. Physician Suicide: National Suicide Prevention Month; call 1-800-273-8255 for help.
  2. Help in the form of mentorship
  3. Help in the form of...

Sep 10, 2020

This episode we speak with Dr. Brad Bellard, a sports medicine physician, best-selling author, and performance coach.


In this episode (all times approximate):



  1. Brad talks about his morning ritual and why everyone should have one. How do you use your snooze button?(6:00)


  1. Brad gets dissed (duped)...

Jul 22, 2020

This episode goes through my thinking process and details for the upcoming Licensed To Live: The Conference event on July 25, 2020. Learn a little about my fear and trepidation in putting on this conference and how I broke through them. Learn a lot about the speakers and content to get you ready!


Jul 8, 2020

This episode I actually give my personal take on some recent events.

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