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Licensed to Live

Jun 12, 2019

This episode features a discussion with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, a physician, a lawyer, a musician, a dancer and a professional quitter.


In this episode: 


1) 3:30 We discuss her journey into medicine and how she quickly decided that sports medicine was not for her.


2) 12:30 Dis'ed by disease, she realizes that she can’t continue on in medicine in the traditional way.

"I don't have a heart problem, I have a don't like seeing patients every 15 minutes problem." -Dr. Lynn Marie


3) 18:00 The sunk cost fallacy.


4) 20:00 Why is it so difficult to quit?


5) 24:00 How to quit: a) perform a mental quit to determine how it feels to you  b)pinpoint the stressors in your life to determine how quitting the job alleviates them


6) 28:30  The art of quitting: “It’s not you, it’s me…”  Use strategic partial quitting to improve your current status.


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Licensed To Live: A Primer to Rebuilding Your Life After Your Career Is Shattered