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Licensed to Live

Dec 2, 2020

This is a remix episode of 4 special episodes that kicked off the coronavirus pandemic era.  Since various parts of the United States are in the 1st wave or 2nd wave, here is the collection to help you sort through everything COVID 19, physicians, and career.

  1. 3:00 Distractions deter you from things you should be paying attention to.
  2. 15:00 Several ways you can help in the pandemic even if you aren’t on the #frontline
  3. 30:00 How to handle your frustration when you see the (often ugly) underbelly of our healthcare system
  4. 44:00  Job loss or quitting suddenly, what to do to get back on track. I share what happened when I lost my job suddenly.

Show Sponsor: Emmitt Hayes III Coffee Company (EH3)


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