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Licensed to Live

May 15, 2019

This episode features Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason, an orthopedic surgeon, an author, a non-profit founder, and founder of Beyond The Exam Room.


In this episode (times approximate): 


1) 4:15 We discuss her journey into medicine and rising above sexism and being a female in a male dominated specialty.


2) 22:00 She tells her story of dealing with a medical issue early in her career which changed her clinical practice completely, leading to management and then a very early retirement.


3) 30:00 Crushed with the reality that her clinical career was over, she took measures to make an even bigger impact in society and life by starting a non-profit organization (raising $1.5M) and a training “University” for physicians who need help with contracts and business expertise.


4) 37:00 So many physicians sign employment contracts without really understanding what they are signing. Understand some common pitfalls and how to avoid them through negotiation.

Linked In - Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD

IG -@drbonniemason & @beyondtheexamroom 

FB - Nth Dimensions & Beyond the Exam Room

Licensed To Live: A Primer To Rebuilding Your Life After Your Career Is Shattered