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Licensed to Live

Jun 3, 2020

 In this episode we speak with Psychiatrist and film producer Dr. Cyntrell Crawford.  Her newest project Us vs The Plant is a docufilm about the benefits of medical cannabis.  We talk about marijuana, storytelling, and film production.

In this episode (all times approximate):

  1. Cyntrell gets dissed, again (5:00)
  2. Storytelling as an art form or business strategy (12:00)
  3. International film production from Jamaica to the US from coast to coast (16:00)
  4. Medical marijuana nuances across the states (20:00)
  5. The table gets turned on Doctor Jarret when he loses control of the interview!   (23:00)

Show Sponsor: Emmitt Hayes III Coffee Company (EH3)


Dr. Cyntrell Crawford and all social media @drcyntrellpsych

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