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Licensed to Live

Nov 29, 2019

This episode introduces you to Dr. Deborah Matthew, a best-selling author, integrative and functional medicine physician, and President of the North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society.


In this episode (all times approximate:)

            2:30 Dr. Deb Matthew started medicine as a pediatrician and transitioned after 10 years.

            4:00 Dr. Deb Matthew gets ‘dissed’

            10:00 “Be Open” to new things

            18:00 Getting “trapped in the system” and getting       unstuck utilizing help.

            26:00 Appreciate your progress

            29:30 You Deserve It!!





Show Sponsor: Emmitt Hayes III Coffee Company (EH3)



Signature Wellness

Dr. Deborah Matthew

This Is NOT Normal: A Busy Woman's Guide to Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Licensed To Live