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Licensed to Live

Dec 16, 2020

In this episode we speak to Family Medicine Physician Dr. Toni Liu.  She always had the childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist.  She was voted as most likely to be Picasso in her early years.  It wasn’t until she became a physician and lost some of her skill that she was able to bring it back and has more fun with drawing now more than ever.


  1. 5:00 Redirecting during residency, having the courage to make a change
  2. 10:00. Dr. Toni gets dis’ed
  3. 13:00 Childhood Dreams coming back to reality
  4. 20:00 Living Life; Live life on your own terms
  5. 24:00 Dancing with L.O.V.E. Liberate Open Validate Empower
  6. 28:00 Loving, Listening, Learning and Living (the 4 L’s). Time for a collaboration?????


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Dr. Toni Liu