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Licensed to Live

May 20, 2020

In this episode we speak with Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl Champion Mike Logan.  Starting from a very young age he proudly stated his life’s goals and objectives which he was determined to make happen.  Throughout the many lessons in his career he achieved that bold prediction.  From there he made a transition out of the NFL to his own ventures including broadcasting, coaching, and motivational speaking.  The lessons learned in this episode will apply to any physician, lawyer, executive, doctor, or VIP seeking to be at the top of their game!


In this episode (all times approximate):


  1. Mike’s bold prediction (6:00)


  1. Even an NFL champion gets ‘dissed’ (12:00)


  1. Dissed again; It’s the business (18:00)


  1. Transition from the ultimate goal achievement to real life. “The unexpected and unknown can lead to growth" (24:30)


  1. From life to our life now. “The pandemic has given me a chance to ‘be still.” 39:30)


  1. Life is not guaranteed; let it go and free yourself (44:00)







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Mike Logan and all social media @mlogan31



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